Deville Window Regulators

Cadillac Deville Window Regulators

What? A problem with your 2000-2005 Cadillac Deville window regulator? Shocking! No, not really. Many cars and trucks now use a cable regulator assembly to power your window up and down. Within this site you will find video on how to repair and/or replace the assembly in your door. Need to buy one? Please visit our web site

Deville RF1_thumbDeville LF1_thumbHere they are in all their glory. The purple one is the Left (Driver) Front and the Orange the Right (Passenger) Front. Shown with the motor. The motor almost never is a problem. Here at Power Up Auto™ we have installed 1000′s of these and only a few times was the motor an issue. The original motors were made in Mexico and the quality was excellent. Our recommendation, ONLY replace the regulator if possible. If you have replaced it in the past with an aftermarket part which included the motor you may have to buy one with the motor attached.

The 2000-2001 use a motor with a different wiring harness (front only) than the 2002-2005. After you finish this you may need to reset the auto up. Get in the car, close the door, put the window down and hold it 5 seconds after it is down. Now put the window up and continue to hold the up button for 5 extra seconds. This should reset the auto up function on the later model Devilles.

Here’s how to remove the door panel and change the regulator. If you would prefer to have us do it for you (in Florida) please call 727/399-1711 or email. We know the right people. There is also a video on how to rebuild your regulator within this web site.

Lock knobscrew coverRemove the lock knob cover by pulling out the tab. When you put it back in, hit the unlock button before popping it closed. Remove the screw cover and remove the one screw.

retainerA wiring harnessThe panel then pulls out around the edges and then UP to release the retainer clips. A good design since even if a few plastic clips break off the two metal retainers keep the door panel securely on. Use a torx driver to remove the two screws holding the plastic retainer clips on. Unplug the wiring harness.

A Inside panel_thumbA push in clipPush the center point of the clip in to release pressure and the clip should easily come out. Do not push the middle post of the clip all the way through. To reattach push the clip back up and pop it in place.

L bracketR BracketTwo 10mm bolts hold the glass to the bracket, loosen those. On the rear door you will need to get to one of those two bolts with a wrench. Lift up the glass, use a suction cup to hold the glass in place while you change the regulator. Try not to remove the glass, can be a challenge to put back in. Remove the three 10mm nuts that hold the regulator to the door.

torz screwsouter door
Three torx screws hold the motor to the regulator. Swap it out, reinstall. Also, a good idea to LIGHTLY spray any silicon spray on the vertical run channels the glass travels in. DO NOT spray the horizontal seal strip that your arm would rest on if the window were open.

If you found this website helpful, thanks in advance for your kind consideration. If there are any other vehicles you would like to see, let us know that as well.

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